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Let's see if we can't sneek this comm back to life.

Hey everybody, if there still is anybody, I wrote a little ditty and am going to keep writing to see if we can bring this comm back to life. I'll admit, I haven't really written anything in any fandom for a looooooong time. RL got a little to Real for a while. Anyways on with the show....

Elias moaned loudly. This was wrong. This was so very very wrong.


His breath hitched. He loved it. Why had he ever thought that this wasn't a good idea?


Damn. Flood of thoughts.


Becky. Baby. Randal. Life. 




"Dante... Dante Stop."


He put his hands against Dante's chest pushing him away.


He shook the hair out of his eyes and moved back, pulling the sheet over to cover him.


"We cant do this."


Dante looked on at him not saying a word.


"We just can't."


Elias moved his head slowly to peek at Dante.


He looked well.


He glowed, his eyes sparkled, his skin had tightened as well as his waist. Still black hair danced across his chest.


Elias moaned once again. How he wanted this. Like something he had never wanted before.


Dante seemed to take his moan as a yes as he moved back over him.




Elias couldn't take it anymore. Who cared about any of it. All that mattered in this moment was this. Him and Dante connected in what felt like every which way. He wanted to stay like this forever.


As Dante moved his lips down Elias's neck he moaned again. The moan taking with it an "Okay."



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