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Name: Nasiki
Age: 18 (in a couple days)
Location: My room, in my chair that eats people.
Favorite Jeff Anderson movie: Clerks II
Why do you love Randal/Jeff so much: Despite the amazing characters that surround him, I've always stuck with him as my favorite. I suppose he reminds me a lot of myself, only way more mushy. :)
He's kinda slow- but always so sincere, as far as Randal is concerned. As far as Jeff, he makes me smile no matter what.
Favorite quote: Was it too much to ask that you handle the fries? The machine does all the work! What's a machine gotta transform into some giant fuckin' robot before you'll take it seriously?
Not really my FAVORITE, but probably the one I laughed hardest at. Poor Elias.
What are your beliefs on the subject of ass to mouth: Oh the many holes. I suppose, if both partners are okay with it...sure. Not the thing for me personally, though. Course, neither really is anal sex.

<3 I love Randal (and Jeff as well) so much. I am so glad I found this community!
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